I’m a 26 year old wife to a cute cute husband named Adam.  We got married in March of 2010 and have lived in 3 states since then.

I gave birth to the sweetest baby girl in July 2013.  She has our hearts, a head full of wispy curls , super cute dimples, and giggles really loud.  I hope to give her lots of brothers and sisters in my days.

I’m homesteading in west Philadelphia for now (dreaming of land).

I like taking pictures (I’ll take yours!), holding babies, this website, butter, swing dancing, and coffee dates.

I have a very important relationship with a God whose name is Jesus.  He gives me life and grace.  I’ll tell you about him if you want.  Also, you’ll probably read some things about him in my posts.

I’m gluten intolerant.  All of the recipes I’ve posted since February 2011 are gluten free unless otherwise noted.

In case you were wondering, By The River means a lot of things.  It’s where my honey and I had our first date (and most of our dates after that), where I hope to live someday (any body of water would work), the first name of my first niece (River), and a sweet symbol of God’s grace and provision in my life (Psalm 1).

Glad you are here, friend!


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