Alice Wilder | A Birth Story

Note: Reliving this birth story has been a journey for me. In my weakest moments, I was the strongest I have ever been. Thank you to my husband, my mom and sisters, my midwife Katie, and dear friends for helping me heal physically and for working through emotions with me. God is teaching me so […]


Eleanor Mae.   My baby turned  t o d d l e r . You are so bright and busy in all of the fun ways.  We love to watch you play play play ( PLAY ) all day long.  You are a squealer, a giggle bug, big on hugs, high on life, wild and free. […]

a picnic on quince street

    There is a familiarity about this street and these people that doesn’t come from the years I’ve known them (indeed, it has only been months).  Nor the location of the city (it has been my home for only just a few seasons).  Not the cobblestone streets (I was raised on grassy lawns) or the […]

Traveling South again

Just travel. That’s what I told myself and God that I wanted to do more of in my life.  Little trips, big ones, walks around the city.  We have been to Chicago and South Carolina so far this year, and E and I are leaving on another jetplane this Friday!  We fly to Dallas, road […]