Portrait Project 20, 21, 22/52



Eleanor Mae

May 20

That bow is in her hair, but it won’t stay there.  As soon as she finds it, a toy it becomes.  Those curls are getting longer and lighter. She smells like a mix of Burt’s Bees baby lotion, summer, and strawberry puffs.  All of these things I hold dear.  I want to bottle it up.




Eleanor Mae

May 27

She took her first 3 steps on Mother’s Day and hasn’t looked back!  She’s walking now.  So sure of herself.  So proud.  So brave. The world grew a little bigger, and it’s so fun for us both.  Those little feet just a roaming.

(also, can we talk about those polar bear pajamas? it’s still in the 50’s some nights.)



Eleanor Mae

June 2

She thinks everything is funny, and it is the sweetest sound to hear her laugh.  She is so ticklish, loves to play peak a boo, and bananas are her favorite food this week.  She also is in full mama mode.  Laugh hard, play hard, snuggle hard, she does everything out loud.



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