Portrait Project 17, 18, 19/52

I’m back, and I’m playing catch up!

We had the best time in Texas but are happy to be back home.  We hit the ground running with friends, photo editing, and Mother’s Day celebrations as soon as we got in from the airport.  Here are the past 3 weeks worth of portraits!


Eleanor Mae

She is becoming quite the snuggle bug.  Sometimes she wakes up and hits the ground running, but more often these days she lingers.  She sits on my lap a little bit longer, soaks in the morning sunshine in our bed on saturdays, and rests her head on my shoulder when I hold her.  I love her hugs so much.




Eleanor Mae

Her daddy has been teaching her how to press down on piano keys.  We let her play whenever she remembers that it’s there, and she has so much fun!  Maybe it will grow into a love of hers one day.




Eleanor Mae

She likes to go without clothes if she can help it.  Socks are always coming off, and onesies are the only thing she can’t figure out how to get out of yet.  Barefoot and free, my baby.



2 thoughts on “Portrait Project 17, 18, 19/52

  1. I know where Eleanor gets those flawless locks, you look beautiful. I think that piano picture should be blown up huge on a canvas somewhere. Can’t wait to hear more about your Texan adventures, lovies!!


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