dear baby blue eyes

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Dear baby blue eyes,

You have a lot of hair, you.  There are endless possibilities.  Look at all the options!

I like that it isn’t a tame thing, this hair of yours.  Right at this moment, it is flipping both directions at the same time, which is amazing and so much fun!

You hate bows.

I take that back.  You love bows.  Just not in your hair… but most definitely they are the best thing to chew on.

Speaking of that… chewing!  You l o v e chewing and licking everything.  Everything = fingers, toes, glasses (the spectacles and the cups),  your paci, the floor, the walls, the doors, the windows, the bathtub, the shampoo, my hairbrush (favorite!), electrical outlets, iPhone chords, toilets, toilet paper (second favorite!), toilet scrub brushes, toilet trashcans, diapers, diaper cream, puppies, wine bottles, toys, games, game pieces, daddy’s guitar, daddy’s amplifier, daddy’s bag, the things in daddy’s bag, the computer, hangers, shoes, especially flip flop shoes, sand, dirt, cardboard, plastic, metal, small things, big things, all the things, all the food, all the not food, all the things, everything, all the time.  You are exploring with your taste buds.

You have the cutest personality.  If you are not crying, you are smiling!  And sometimes you do both back and forth at the same time.  You have dimples in either case, so it gets a little confusing for strangers.

You are so busy.  People sometimes think you are totally chill, but actually you are totally an explorer.  You’d rather be in mamas marsupial pouch than anywhere else.  But outside of the pouch, the world is yours.

Adventure baby.

Always moving.  Always discovering.  Always so much to do and see.

You love the bathtub.  Every day mama takes a bath so that she can see and hear you play with your toys.  Every day you don’t play with your toys and try to get in the bathtub instead.  I wash my hair one handed and keep you out of the bathtub other handed.  Then I throw all the rules out and let you stand beside the tub and splash with your clothes on.  This creates a mess all around, but it’s totally worth it, water baby of mine.

I love you so much.

It aches in all my deepest and simplest places.  You are so loved!  You are and will forever be loved.  I am so excited to teach you about all the big love there is for you.

Also, stop growing so fast.  You turn ONE in 3.5 months.  This is all happening too fast for me.

I love you.  I’m gonna keep on telling you how much.

I love you SO much.

so much.

baby blue eyes of mine.



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