Portrait Project 13/52 and Charleston, SC



Elenor Mae

March 28

Sweet daddy feeding her cheese and crackers on her first trip to the ocean.  It was a sweet, rainy day in Charleston.  Just the 3 of us.  She loved the sand, and she loved the rain.

After a hard 10 days away from each other and a missed anniversary, we took a trip to Charleston.  It was sweet girl’s first time seeing the ocean, playing in the sand, tasting seashells.  It was really beautiful for us.  We had the beach to ourselves, mostly. We drank wine in plastic cups, tasted praline samples, visited the best spice store, and ate chocolate cake in the rain.  Some of our closest friends recommended Taco Boy for dinner.  They know us so well.  It was like we walked right into Austin, TX, with the twinkle lights and mix matched chandeliers.  Guacamole to die for.  Sangria.  Chorizo and potato tacos.  Refreshing in every way.  Happy in every way.









My baby didn’t like that the water was so cold.  She loves the bath, so I foresee a little fishy come warmer days.IMG_2035

IMG_2043A big thank you to the kind stranger that took this family picture.

Charleston, Adam, Eleanor- you three have my heart.



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