An announcement about my heart and chocolate


Adam and I are doing one of Lift’s Quantified Diets for 30 days.  We picked the no sweets diet.  The first few days were SO easy, but now I’m experiencing a raging headache, and all I want to do is eat a pan of brownies.  I’d even settle for half of a pan.  Or even, like, just half a bag of chocolate chips.  Help!  So, looks like we hit the addiction nail on the head here.

I’m addicted to sugar, and it took this spontaneous “fun” diet app to show me that place in my heart that hides behind food.

That’s kind of intense in it’s truth.  I satisfy a lot of desires with chocolate or something.

I’m the girl that puts chocolate chips in her oatmeal.  There has never been a dessert that I’ve EVER called “too rich” (what’s that?).  When I’m trying to “cut down” on sweets, I stick to the serving size.  YOU GUYS!!!



The best and worst part about Lift’s plan is that it won’t even let me substitute with natural things like honey or even let me drench something in ketchup or barbecue sauce .  No added sugar at all.  Only fruit.  And, I think God is trying to tell me something because the grocery store didn’t have ripe bananas even, and the ones we bought are taking FOREVER to turn yellow.  Plus, Friday is Valentine’s Day, which basically just screams TRUFFLES and FONDU at you all day.

My heart is crying for sugar, but it can’t be satisfied there.  Only while the tastebuds taste, and then the high is over.  Jesus isn’t like that.  He satisfies my heart like nothing else because that’s what I am made for.

He gives us comforting things like sweets as a good gift.  He doesn’t give sugar to us in the way I’ve been using it: as a hole filler and a best friend and, actually, as a body poisoner.

See, I’m learning things.  From iPhone apps.  About God and the better things he has for me.

It’s a good truth.

Only 25 more days to go…

PS.  Jami Nato posted some really great things about cutting out sugar last year that I am finding to be really helpful these days.  You should check her out!


Also, thank you in advance for your support when you see me turn down the dessert at all the events coming up.  It’s just me getting my priorities in order.


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