February Beginnings

Happy Monday!

And it’s



January moved all kinds of too fast.  I’m sitting here at my kitchen table on this snowy PA afternoon to discuss where it went and what I did with it.  Little 6 month old (!) is sitting at my feet playing with her favorite baby rattle and adamantly refusing a nap.  It’s pretty cute…. lol.. olololololololol.

My word this year is nourishment.  Did anyone else pick a word?  How’s it going?  I thought I could update you and you could update me and we could start again on the plan for this year.

FOOD:  I’m not doing too shabby here, actually.  The place that sells raw milk by my house was out when I went to buy it, and I haven’t tried again since.  But my man currently has a jar of homemade kombucha brewing, I’m halfway through a very large slab of grass fed butter, I fed Eleanor her first spoonfuls of bone broth, and I take fermented cod liver oil daily.  Success!

SEW: Nope.

HABIT: I still haven’t broken my habit of leaving clothes on the floor in the corner, and there is definitely no chore chart yet.  But, I did give a bunch of things to the thrift store, and (since Eleanor is crawling/eating everything she gets her hands on) I have a good sweep/mop streak going.  It’s a good start, I think.

SOUL: I’m on top of my read through the Bible app!  Holla!

BODY: Walk 3 times a week… I’m modifying this.  I definitely have walked once a week.  And I’ve definitely worked out 3 times/week.  So, success. Because work out 3 time per week is successful.

I wanna know how you are doing!!!

And to make your Monday better…


That face!!


And… these faces!!!



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