Portrait Project 1/52

This year I am working on goal setting, but really I’m working on goal accomplishing.  I tend to set a lot of goals and then forget about them or change them up to suit my definitive habit of leaving things unfinished.  Rarely do I meet goals that I have set for myself in any decent time frame.  I want to change that.

Now that I have Eleanor, I feel like I should be setting goals that I can really achieve.  I want to make life fun and simple for her, and that makes me motivated to get my stuff together.  So… there are a lot of bloggers who do this thing called the 52 Week Portrait Project.  They commit to taking one picture a week for a whole year (like their kid or dog or landscapes or something).  James from Bleubird does this swimmingly, and I hope to gain inspiration from her very similar portrait project!

I think my pictures will end up being less portrait and more un-portrait, but we’re starting with a very beautiful picture of my little miss.  I’m including details of the week, too.  How she’s changing and growing and sweet little things that happened this week.  I took this on my iPhone, but hoping to change that for the rest of the year.

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

Eleanor Mae


She loves our bed.  Every morning she looks in the mirror of our headboard and giggles at her reflection.  It’s her favorite napping place, her favorite place to practice downward dog and tummy time.  She’s my cuddle bug.  I love that about her.


It’s not too late to join in on this.  Who’s doing it?


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