A Fresh Year

I’m all about starting fresh in January.  The holidays are over and things start to settle down.  I think it is the perfect time to reevaluate what I’m doing and what I want to change in my daily.

Before I start my thoughts on 2014 (2014! I can’t wrap my mind around how fast time is going), I think I should say a little farewell to 2013.  It’s been the best year of my life so far!  Philly is starting to feel a little bit more like home.  We had a BABY!  A beautiful, sweet, blessing baby.  We took a trip to Texas/Arkansas, which to date is my favorite trip I’ve ever taken (honeymoon at Verana was a solid runner up).  It was all too good.

On the last day of the year, our family had a little date day that turned out to be magical.  For the first time ever, we decided to visit the Italian Market.  Itwassososososocute!  I can’t believe it took us this long to go.  We visited the very crowded cheese vendors, loved the spice store, and discovered *the* most incredible gluten free french loaf I have ever tasted.  Eleanor was happy and wide eyed at all of the people.  The burn barrels, the ice buckets full of fresh fish, the snow that started falling as we wandered from store to store.  Consider me sold.  It was a delightful way to close out the end of a beautiful year.

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I’m starting fresh with this word.


I want to live and do things that are solid for my heart, body, soul, and family.  Really and truly.  Something about that word comforts my bones a little.

This is my nourishment plan:

FOOD: raw milk, homemade kombucha, grass fed butter, bone broth, and fermented cod liver oil

I’m focusing on all of those crazy things above.  If they sound like weird health foods, I can assure you that I used to think so, too.  I won’t go into detail in this post, but I’m super excited about it.  My goal is to have each of those foods solidly incorporated into our diet by the end of the year.  Daily would be a real win!

SKILL: sewing

I have some exciting business plans on the horizon.  My idea is still in it’s infancy, but my personal goal is to learn how to sew this year.  I have a stack of old fabric piled up and some hopeful ideas for Eleanor’s summer wardrobe.

HABIT: organization

I want my home to feel like the best place on earth.  We spend the most time here, so it makes the most sense.  How good will it feel to walk in after a long day to a place that we really like instead of just to stuff we own?  Sewing will come into play here.  I want E’s room to be an awesome play space as she learns to crawl/walk.  I want our bedroom to be open and not crowded.  I’m going to break my bad habit of leaving clothes on the floor in the corner.  I’m making a chore chart.  I’m giving away some things.

SOUL: freedom

My Adam read the Bible in a year last year, and it was so impressive to me.  I think I will give it a go.  This feels like a monumental task to me.  I am way better at digesting the same verse over and over for weeks, but I like the discipline that a reading plan gives.  I hope starting my day with Bible reading will free my heart and set things in balance for the rest of the day.  At the end of this year, I really just want to say that there was more Jesus and less me/worry/slacking/wastefulness etc.

BODY: walk

I want to take Eleanor out to get fresh air.  My goal is 3 times a week (barring snow, hurricanes, and other natural disasters).  This gets me moving, her moving, and us both some vitamin d.  I have no weight loss goals right now.  I think that will be an added bonus to a year of nourishment, so I’m skipping the number game this time.  It feels good.

And that’s all for now!  Hello 2014!

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