Erin’s Gift Guide [ women folk ]

I’m so thrilled to celebrate this season with the people in my village.  It’s exciting to start new traditions with my love and my girl.  Fresh eyes, full heart, new baby!

I don’t know where you are all coming from this year, but recently I started thinking way less about myself and way more about a little person that I know.  I just love that baby!!  I had a really hard time coming up with things that I would enjoy having beyond an impeccably clean house and a trip to the eye doctor by myself.  Ha!  I kid you not.  Would anyone like to hold Eleanor while my eyes are dilating? :)

Anyway, with a little help from my dear sister Kayla, I’ve come up with a pretty spectacular gift guide for all the women in your life.  From practical stocking stuffers to really big splurges, I think this list is inspiring.

A candid note: As a family, Adam and I choose not to do over-the-top presents.  We prefer simple, homemade and/or very special, person specific gifts that mean a lot.  While the items on this list do cost money, I feel they still hold that sense of special and are worth the money spent.


PS. Eleanor’s updated gift guide.

Hand & Cloth silk + cotton throws $100-$160

These throws are gorgeous.  Handmade out of old saris in India, these blankets are a gift that mean so much more than just warmth.  Buying one gives vulnerable women dignified work, and that makes it worth giving or receiving.  My favorites are this, this, this, this and these awesome stockings for only $28.

Custom Family iPhone Case $80

How adorable is this? You send in a picture of your family and receive this perfect + personalized iPhone case (plus a portrait illustration that you can print and hang on your wall).  I want one.  You can even put your pets on there if you don’t have human babies!  What?!  And you are supporting a stay at home mama and her craft, which is really close to my heart.

Everlane White U-neck Tee $15

These tee shirts are the perfect stocking stuffers. I like Everlane because they know their factories and can share exactly how much it costs them to make their products.  Worth the extra few dollars for a wardrobe classic!

Felted Slippers, natural wool  $55

These are handmade in Lithuania, and I like them so much.  Living in PA makes for some cold winters, any my slippers wear out too fast.  And again, I love supporting women in home businesses.

Scotch Water Based Nail Polish $14.99

I love these.  I’ve never tried them, but they have fabulous reviews.  I want some especially now that I have Eleanor. She started putting everything in her mouth, my hands included.

Gluten Free
Fragrance Free
Toxin Free
Paraben Free

Give me all the colors.

Wooden Toothbrushes $14.99

For a set of 4, that’s an awesome deal.  They are made from sustainable bamboo!!

Kinfolk Table, cookbook  $35

As a fan of the magazine and website, I can only imagine this cookbook will make for a beautiful read.  After reading mixed reviews, I am compelled to suggest this as more of a coffee table book filled with personal stories + recipes as opposed to a tried and true cookbook.  I’m okay with that.  Kinfolk inspires me.

Round Neck Patterned Shirt $59.50

This is from Zara, which ethically may not be up to par.  They are working on improving these issues, and it’s good to be aware of that.  I love this shirt so much!  If nothing else, we can use this as inspiration to DIY, shop thrift, or call it the 20 % free to the 80 % ethical.  Let’s all learn to sew!

What are your favorite companies + products? What’s on your Christmas give list?  I’d love to hear in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Erin’s Gift Guide [ women folk ]

    • Danielle! Haha! I hadn’t even thought of this, so hooray. I hate that part. Still need someone to babysit, but at least I’ll be able to see. I think Adam’s gonna do it. Date!


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