There are a lot of things hitting my refresh button these days.  Grace, grace, and more grace.  I’m swimming in it, and it feels good.  Sometimes things do not feel good.  But right now, things feel good.  Real big and real good.


I’m totally loving motherhood!  Eleanor is such a darling.  She loves laying outside and watching the sky and the trees.  She’s loves getting her hair washed.  She giggles already.  She sleeps so well.  I love everything about her.


The weather is changing.  I can’t believe that summer is slipping away already.  The summer of pregnancy and birth.  The summer of anticipation and newness.  It’s going away, and part of me is holding tight to it.  The bigger part is looking forward to these next few months, though.  Taking E to the farmers market, afternoons in the park, pumpkins, coffee and s’mores and caramel apples.  Laying in bed at night with the windows open, whispering with Ad while the baby falls asleep, snuggling under the blankets.  That good autumn stuff.


This season in friendships is life-giving.  We have the forever kind.  The raise our kids together, dinner parties, ugly cry, pray over each other kind of friends.  Near and far.   It makes me full.


Motherhood.  Fall.  Coffee Dates.  Picnics in the park.  Friendships.

Real big and real good, y’all.


One thought on “Goodness

  1. Hey! I just found out I am about to have a baby, and Beth Fijal (who has been one of my best friends since middle school) gave me your blog address! I have found it very encouraging!!! I absolutely love your posts. The post about “What it’s like” (where you call the first trimester the hibernation phase) made me laugh…and made me feel less like a freak, lol. Keep up the great, honest writing. And feel free to check out my blog!
    I haven’t begun posting about my pregnancy yet, but I will soon. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story with the world :)


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