Packing the Birthing Bag

4 days until due date!

Come Thursday, I will be doing everything possible to meet this baby.  If there is no little outside of my body by Friday, you are all invited to join me for a dinner at the Indian Buffet, mk?  I will be eating my spicy food heart out, and I’d love for you to join me.  Onion chutney!!

Today I just cleaned cleaned cleaned.  No, this is not a sign of nesting, nor did I have a big burst of energy.  The opposite is true, in fact.  I’m exhausted, but I’m trying to avoid my afternoon 4 hour nap.  Why, you ask?  Because I have my nights and days mixed up, and I’m trying to get back on schedule.  That will go out the window with baby, I imagine.  For now, I’d thoroughly enjoy falling asleep with my man instead of with the waking of the birds.  Distractions.

Anyway, one of the last things left on my to-do list is pack for the birth center.  This is, by far, one of the things that baffles me the most.  What in the world do you wear to give birth?  Obviously not my favorite, most comfy pjs.  I don’t want to ruin those.  I could go with my birthday suit, but there will be people there, ya know?  I might not care come go time, of course, but still.  Do people change clothes multiple times during this event?  Should I change into a wet suit for the jacuzzi tub?  (Jk)  What if I want to go for a walk in the garden?  Can’t do that in my birthday suit.

So here I present you with my best guess.  This is my packing plan of action for birth day.

I decided I want it to be relaxing, and also celebratory.  It’s my first baby!!!  Call me crazy, but I’d rather be over prepared than wishing for a change of clothes.  So this is what I’m packing:

For Birth Center:

1. Tank top and boy shorts!  For the majority of the time, I believe.

2. A big t-shirt or two.  To throw on should I want to go for that walk in the garden.

3. A sports bra.  To wear in the bathtub.

4. A comfy, black, jersey knit robe.  Because it’s a comfy, jersey knit robe.  Also because it’s convenient to check for dilation and such.  And because this allows for easy access to skin on skin contact after baby is born, easy to nurse in, easy modesty for guests afterwards, and super great for being in the air conditioning.

5. Oversized socks.  I wish I could pack my favorite booties, but no way do I want birth fluids spilling on those.  

6. Toiletries, clothes to wear home, etc.  For afterwards.

7. Peppermint oil, lavender oil, deep blue doTerra oil, coconut oil.  For nausea (and breath refresher), relaxation aromatherapy, muscle ache relief, and back massage.  

8. Camera!  Gonna show off this baby when it gets here, y’all!

9. Snacks, meals, food money, etc.  My mom is making a frozen lasagna ahead of time to pop in the oven at the birth center.  Having a meal after baby is mandatory for the new momma by the midwives, and a one pot meal is such a good and easy idea.  We’ll have protein bars and juice, cheese and crackers, red raspberry leaf tea ice cubes, and some cash on hand should husband or family want to run to the gas station for a pick me up.  I’m allowed to eat if I want to, too (hooray!).  Plus, good food just makes it feel like a party.

10. Computer. Should I want some soothing music, rain sounds, How I Met Your Mother reruns, etc. in the background.

11. My pillow.  We take our pillows on all overnight trips, so I can’t imagine leaving it at home.  That familiar, comfy one is surely going to make all the difference.

12. Boppy pillow.  Gonna sit on this for the 30 minute drive back to my house!

13. Chapstick, bobby pins, make-up, head bands, etc.  Maybe the last thing on some momma’s mind during labor is looking good.  But the truth is, I feel better when I feel fresh.  With a cute headband on, some moisturized lips, and good deodorant, I can do anything?  Right?  At the very least, I won’t be annoyed at my body odor when taking deep breaths to push that baby out.

14.  Cell phone charger and cell phone.  There are people that must know when I go into labor!  And if it’s a boy or girl!  And how much he/she weighs!  And what he/she looks like!  And his/her name!  Grandmothers and feathers who can’t be there, I will keep you posted so you can celebrate, too.

For Home:

1. Birthday cake!!!!!!!  When we come home, I want my family close for a little party before we rest up and settle in for recovery.  My sister in law is bringing chocolate covered strawberries, and maybe we’ll order some pizza.  It’s so important to me that little B gets to meet them!

2. Padsicles.  No need for me to explain, you can find the recipe here.  Instant relief.

3. Easy nursing foods.  I hear breastfeeding makes you even hungrier than pregnancy (what?!).  So I’m gonna stock up on some easy to grab proteins for midnight snacks and such.  Like proteins bars, greek yogurts, fruit/peanut butter, etc.

4. Friends and family.  Realistically, I will probably camp out at home for a few weeks.  Regardless, it’s important for me to not forsake the outside world.  I WANT visitors.  I want to allow people to wash my dishes and not be ashamed that I didn’t do them myself.  I want to let my closest friends into my living room to love on Adam and baby and me.  I want to let my mom come over to clean the bathtub if she offers, and my sister to cuddle little bear while I take a bath.  I want to not feel like I owe people the world for living the gospel out to us.  It’s ok to let people love me hard.  I’m gonna try my darndest to let them.  (This section is, truly, for those close friends/family.  I don’t plan on entertaining strangers during this precious time).  It’s also okay and important to say no thank you when we want days of our little team of 3.  But anyways, I’m totally stocking up those close people to call when I need them.

And that’s my plan!  Relax during labor, celebrate when baby comes, and share our new little love with the world.

Am I missing anything important, here?  What are your labor and delivery must haves?


3 thoughts on “Packing the Birthing Bag

  1. Looks like a wonderful list! If you have any focal points, I’d bring those! Also, I made 2 playlists: 1 for calming myself and another to pump myself up.


    • Carmen, I’ve been trying to figure out a playlist that I love. The last thing I want is for the music to annoy me. I listened to my favorites during the first trimester and now some of those songs make me nauseous bc I was nauseous while listening to them. So tragic. But I’m kind of thinking about some instrumentals, at least. Focal point!!!!! Best idea!!!


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