Birthday Preparations

Little Bear is gonna be here any day (week) now.  We. Are. So. Ready.

I’m so ready, anyways.  Adam has been hearing a lot about my back fat lately, so I bet he’s ready too.


37 weeks

We finally got the crib put together and finished all of our online shopping.  I’m drinking red raspberry leaf tea like it’s my job.  We’re getting closer to picking out a girl’s name.  Pediatrician has been faxed.  All of the swaddle blankets are washed and cute, just waiting for a baby to hold.

I still have to pack the diaper bag.  And write thank you notes.  And go on a last coffee date by myself.  And write out my birthing hopes and dreams.  Also, our car died this weekend.  We have about $42 for a new one in case anyone is selling one.  Otherwise, I might just start walking to The Birth Center right now so that I’ll be in labor by the time I arrive.  Heh.  But all of that is gonna be okay.

So yeah, we’re just prepping for the birthday around here.  Expect influx of pictures by the end of the month.


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