Pregnancy Must Haves

I’ve been pregnant for 204 days now, so I think it’s time to share some necessities for living life with a little one in your belly.  I’ve had a roller coaster of a time with morning sickness, and I had to buy a new bra size every few weeks in the beginning.  To (hopefully) make things easier for you newly pregnant mommas, I’ve created a list of things that made the last 7 months much better for me!

1. Fizzy Soda: I loved loved (and still love) Izze Clementine.  In the beginning, straight water was hard to keep down.  Fizzy drinks were very tummy settling and super refreshing to an upset stomach.  Any flavor of Izze also delivers 2 servings of fruit!  And, while it’s best to get those servings from actual fruit, a sparkling juice or club soda is a much better choice than coke.

2. Stretch Mark Oil: I cannot say enough good things about Weleda!  This oil goes on easily, leaves no residue on clothing, and I don’t even have to wash my hands after application.  No stretch marks or itching so far!  I also use Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter for the rest of my body.  The scent is so mild, it keeps me moisturized all day, and it may be my go to lotion from now on.


3. Gap supersoft leggings: At $29.95 a pair, I’d say these are definitely worth the splurge for leggings.  I bought these as soon as my pants got too tight, and I still wear them several times a week.  These comfies fit below the belly, which means they will be a major part of my wardrobe for a LONG time.


4. Newchapter Prenatals: Made from organic whole foods, these vitamins are the best.  I love being able to understand every single ingredient on the list, probiotics included, and they are really easy to digest.  I never got sick taking these on an empty stomach.  Highly recommended, pregnant or not!


5. Sports bra: I bought one of these C9 by Champion bras at Target in black.  It has been a lifesaver as far as growing breasts go.  After searching for hours and trying on so many different brands, I can assuredly recommend this as an easy go-to.  I love the thin straps, the full support, and the supreme comfort all in one!

6. Brita Water Pitcher: All of that water that made me sick in the first trimester is a necessity in the 2nd.  I keep one of these water pitchers on my dresser because I am parched all. night. long.  All night.  Every night.  I recommend keeping this handy for night thirst (along with crackers or protein bars for night hunger). :)


7. DoTerra Lavender Oil: Pregnancy hormones can leave you feeling a bit anxious and overwhelmed about even the smallest of things!  A drop or two of lavender essential oil on the bottom of my feet or wrists is super calming.

And finally,

8. Food: I’ve always been the type to get a little hangry when I’ve gone too long without food.  The thing about pregnancy is that nausea usually comes with the hanger, and there is no forewarning on how long is too long.  Hunger strikes happen in a matter of seconds.  I highly recommend high protein snacks that you can easily stash in your purse.  Luna bars, mixed nuts, dried fruit, etc.

I’d love to know your pregnancy favorites!  What couldn’t you live without?


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