This belly

9:35 pm

Eating: strawberries with milk and a tiny dusting of sugar on top.

Crying about: Adam’s safety while riding a bike in the (very bike friendly) city.

My baby is: making my whole belly move back and forth like an earthquake.  It’s adorable.

People make jokes about pregnant people being emotional.  In the beginning I expected pregnancy to be the waterworks, but it just never happened.  I cried kind of normally at normal things one might cry about.

One week into trimester 3, and those jokes are no laughing matter!   Completely rational weeping when the toilet paper runs out.  Bawling on the sidewalk when you realize you missed the bus (but seriously, they come every 10 minutes).  30 minutes of straight, uncontrollable meltdown in response to the comments about how BIG my belly is.


Who would ever tell a pregnant woman that she is huge?  Oh, like, a lot of people say that.  Yah.  It’s not very nice.

Basically, it doesn’t bother me.  Except when it does.  Because I still have 77 days to go.  And my belly has to grow a lot between now and then.  And no, I’m not having twins.  And yes, I’m sure.  I saw the pictures.  And also, it’s not a compliment to begin the sentence with, “I mean you like great, but…”.

So, maybe that’s why I cried for a long time.

Sometimes people ask when I’m due.  Sometimes I start the sentence with,  “Well, July, but I already feel so big.”  That’s an appropriate time to say, “but you look so tiny!”  or “you look absolutely adorable.”  or “no way, that is the cutest little baby bump I have ever seen!”  All of those are acceptable.

But probably don’t say, “I mean you look great, but you are huge.  Seriously.  Like I can’t believe how big you are.”

To encourage myself and others, I’d just like to end with this:  There’s a baby in there!  So, it’s okay if my belly is huge.  But just remember that pregnancy emotions are kind of overdramatic, and nobody wants to make someone cry for 30 minutes.

And for giggles, a husband’s perspective!


Little bedenbaby!


4 thoughts on “This belly

  1. Oh, do I EVER identify. What is wrong with people, anyway??? It doesn’t get any better. I had someone tell me after I was my pre-pregnancy weight again just how big I got when I was pregnant. Sheesh! People just want to talk about it, but they don’t know what to say, and it all comes out wrong. You look adorable. Enjoy the ice cream; it’s so much yummier when you’re prego! :)


    • Thanks Lou! I agree, people just want to talk about it. It’s surprising that they aren’t more tactful, though. If you can’t gain weight when you are pregnant, when can you? Maybe people don’t know the 25-35 lb. recommendation :)


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