Valentine’s Treats

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last night, my man took me out to my favorite date place.  I had some lamb sausage with mint sauce and the best chocolate espresso caramel cake of my life.  We talked a lot about love, Ash Wednesday, Jesus, what life will look like for the next few weeks and months.  A little candle sat between us.  Snow was falling outside.  The perfect date.  My perfect valentine.

Le sigh.

It was magical after my 3 month morning sickness hibernation.

Anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day!  It is always sweet to get gifts from other people.  But, like I always say, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself!  I’m celebrating that with a coffee date by myself today.  I think sometimes just getting out with the Lord, a chai, my journal, and a few good books can be such a treat.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself (or loved one) to any of these great gifts either… better late than never!


Itty bitty pink studs $12

Bunny ballet flats! $49


So all of the cute baby things are European. But you could totally treat yourself to a craft day and make some cute onesies.

iced lavender cookies!

Gold heart necklace $19




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