Baby Names

Ok, friends!

16 weeks into number one, and we are ready to start talking names.  In one month, I’ll be halfway there.  Already!  We are going to be surprised and not find out if this little one is a boy or girl until its birthday.

Top 4- in order of most agreed upon to least agreed upon, while still agreeing upon.



Our favorite boy name is just too good to share.  But!  We have to see what little B looks like before we can know for sure if that’s his name.

There are a few others in the mix that are quirky and not agreed upon.

Example:  Adam loves loves Wolfgang, Wolf for short.  And Burkhart.

Example two:  One Who Chases Foxes.  Little Feather.  (Just kidding.)  (Kind of.)

Example three:  Eden is cute.  Eden Bedenbaugh rhymes…  “Nehem” is cute.  Nehemiah Bedenbaugh would be a poor child who could never learn how to spell his name.

We like names that are earthy/hippie or classic.  Not trendy, even though some of the names on our list are very popular right now.  I’d rather not have a name in the top 100, but some of those classics I’ve liked since I first read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  What’s a girl to do about it?

Comment below!

A)  What names do you like?

B)  What names do you secretly love but are too afraid to actually use?






2 thoughts on “Baby Names

  1. I am sort of obsessed with baby names. And by sort of, I mean completely. So we obviously kept our little guy’s ethiopian name but thought about naming him Amos. Now we can’t use it because it was going to be his name but it’s not. Is that confusing? Well I still love it. Without giving away our top baby names here are some other favs, for boys Moses and Solomon. For girls Delilah and Matilda. I LOVE Asher and Able, G is just scared if we start the A trend we will end up with 8 kids with A names and he is not okay with that. From your girl list, Olive and Lucy are cute….but they are trendy right now which you don’t want. Ohhhh and I also love Emmaline but I’m too scared it would be shortened to Emma! I could go on and on….


    • oh Leigh! I seriously cannot stop looking at names. I love Amos! haha, I think I could totally see myself naming all of my babies “A” names, but I’m going to try not to. Matilda is adorable! I have a harder liking girl names than boys.


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