Well hello everyone!

Just in case you missed it, we have some big big news!

Baby Bedenbaugh #1 is on his/her way!  

Baby is the size of a fig today.  So much good that my heart is exploding.  This little one has been long awaited.

The reason why I haven’t blogged in a long time is because I’ve been puking.  It’s true.  Nobody tells you that this can happen, multiple times a day, with or without warning.  It’s pretty glamorous.  Imagine car sickness, times 20, all the time, even when you are looking out the front window and breathing deeply and have the windows down.  Yep.

So, I’ve not had much to write about.



To come:

Dreams, hopes, names, complaints, requests, things I never knew, maternity clothes.

I miss:

Food, red wine.

Baby really hates:

Sandwiches, the smell of the fridge, beef.

Baby really likes:

Strawberry popsicles, fizzy drinks, applesauce.

I really like:

Sleeping, watching movies,, all that my husband does for me.

Now accepting:

Advice, stretchy pants, Netflix suggestions.

I hope everyone had a sweet Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Baby

  1. Well, I don’t see a bump. But I’m excited that this means you will be posting bump pictures. I can’t wait for little Bedenbaby to start making his/her presence known to all!


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