I’m the giver that gives gifts to everyone I know.  This year, it’s just stocking stuffers.  Some baked goods.  Really tight hugs.  Christmas movie marathons.  But it’s a great Christmas, y’all!  Stuff or no stuff.

I pass on the merry of the season.  Want to know why it’s merry?

Because Jesus came HERE to earth as a BABY.  God. was. born. on. earth.

I like to think about Mary.  I wonder if she was merry.  I think she was, because she knew that someone special was growing in her belly.  He grew up, and he died to save me.

That’s the point!  He came to earth to know us and to let us know him.

That’s pretty great, everybody.

New boots or no boots.  On sale guitar or the 3 guitars we already have.  It’s especially great when we can’t find any Russell Stover’s chocolate santas.  Tis good to be reminded that Jesus > santa.

By far.


oh, christmas tree!

Adam, thank you for our Christmas tree.  I loved singing carols with you while we decorated.  It was the sweetest surprise.


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