The Good Season

This month.

This season.

This fall turning into winter.

The second round of my friend’s chemo.

The birth of my cousin’s new and precious baby.

The death of the only dog I have ever loved.

The promise of good things.

The saying goodbye.

The finally making some promising friendships.

The cold, cold in the bones.

The warm, warm making its way back into my heart.

The funny, because my husband and I have been falling asleep to each others laughter every night.

November, welcome.

Sometimes you need sweet things to make the goodbyes not so hard.  Things to make the hellos a little more exciting.  Mostly, to make the in between silent moments at home the best they can be.  Especially here in PA, since the weather is falling below freezing this week.

My November Survival Guide

1. Favorite pashmina.  Mine comforts me in the sense that it’s familiar, and I’ve had it for years and years.

2. Cinnamon scented pine cones to make your house smell fresh and good.  That is, until your Holiday Joy Essential Blend comes in the mail.  Holiday heaven.

3. Your favorite cup of hot liquid.  Any style, but definitely in your favorite mug.

4. Comfy slippers.  For warm feet on cold hardwood.

5. Vanilla scented candle.  Subtle.  Sweet. Warm.

6. Frankincense and myrrh perfume.  Comforting and good.

7. Journal.  For writing down everything you want to remember.  For praising the Lord.  For writing down who you want to give gifts to. For remembering what you’re supposed to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.

And of course, a space heater to toast your toes and your nose while you watch hulu movies.

Kiss your baby’s nose.  Write unexpected notes.  Bake and eat those warm cookies.

Make everyday beautiful, guys.


3 thoughts on “The Good Season

  1. Oooh I just love your blog! It makes me happy:) I especially adore number 1, 2, 4 & 7! Especially 7 as I write down everything or else I forget… I hope next Thanksgiving we are with ya’ll. Can’t wait to see you love.


  2. I just wanna say that I could never pull off a stylish objects-on-hardwoods post like yours because I wouldn’t even be able to photoshop all the dog hair and dirt off of our floors if I bet my life on it


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