Fall Gift Guide

Happy fall, everyone!

It’s been a heavy week on the blog, so here’s to lightening things up.  I’ll be posting tidbits about Amanda at the end of regularly scheduled posts.

My 10 day forecast shows that the mid 60s are here to stay!  Hello.  Blogs and tweets across America are making it very clear that autumn is in first place for best season of the year.  We may get excited when it snows.  We may be ready to don our swimmies and hop in the ocean come May.  But really, it’s wassail, pumpkin, almost Christmas season.  Fall, y’all!

It’s a good thing to have a birthday in October (3 days! Woo woo!).  For any momma or husband who may be reading, this is my perfect birthday gift guide.  For everyone else, maybe give yourselves a fall treat!  Yeah yeah yeah!

1. Simple Chevron Earrings $14, Etsy

2. Minnetonka El Paso Moccasins $46

3. Cattitude Tee $24, Etsy

4. Iphone 5 Case $35

5. Gray Coat $229.90 or something similar

6. A dinner party with twinkle lights and good food, prices vary. (Kinfolk Mag)

7. Kate Cruiser Bike $700 or a fast fast bike that’s as cute as this, please!

8. A bonfire cooking smores overlooking the city, cost of supplies.

Other great gifts:

  • a soft striped cotton, yummy cashmere, or fur throw
  • Miss Dior Cherie eu de perfume
  • candles, twinkle lights, homemade bottle torches
  • cuddly fall things, scarves, socks, booties

Happy shopping!  I’ll be celebrating on the blog all month long.  Happy October, y’all!

Amanda started chemo this week.  Praying for comfort, ease of side effects, and lots of rest for her!


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