A sweet sweet girl, and lots of prayers

I had planned on this being a birthday gift post, but sometimes plans change.  Sometimes, there are things that are way more important than birthday gifts.

I’ve learned that my precious friend has leukemia.  Leukemia!  My Amanda, encourager, bosom friend, curly headed, baby making hip having, ice-cream loving, dress wearing, life giving friend.  My heart hurts, my eyes swollen, and my husband’s shirt is soaked with my tears and mascara smears.

But can I tell you something?  I trust her with that leukemia.  I don’t know anyone more full of life.  I don’t know anyone with more faith in the One who made her.  I don’t know anyone with more grace and love and laughter.  Leukemia picked an unfair match for itself.

Amanda, thank you for being my gospel friend.  You’ve been my biggest cheerleader since that first summer night out in your front yard when we ate that whole bag of red hots.  We’ve walked through sleepovers and prank phone calls, homeschool and college, two weddings, too many miles apart, not nearly enough games of scrabble, and you’ve spoke the truth of Christ to me the whole way.

It’s my turn now, and I won’t leave.  Whatever this thing brings, I’ll walk with you through it.  You’ve got quite a few allies, my dear.  And a whole army of saints who are praying over your body, heart, and fighting spirit.  I love you.

If you’d like to pray specifically for Amanda, the most pressing issue is her arrival home to South Carolina.  She and her husband are missionaries in China, and they are waiting for doctor’s permission to fly her home.  We need her strong enough to make the long trip on that airplane!

If you’d like to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, you can check out my cousin’s fundraising page.  Allison will be running a full marathon in Chicago on October 7th.  All funds raised will go to LLS to help find cures and better treatments for those with cancers like leukemia.  Thank you, Allison!

my wedding


6 thoughts on “A sweet sweet girl, and lots of prayers

  1. Our prayers are definitely with her, Erin. I am also running a half marathon in November with a handful of other teachers that I work with. We are also running for the cause and raising money.

    “Jesus bring the rain.”


    • Stephanie! How sweet that you are running, too. It’s so timely and hits home so hard. I’ve been trying to train for a 5k (gotta start somewhere), and this is such a big motivation for me to keep at it.
      Amen. love you, lady.


  2. What a sweet, sweet encouraging post – this brought tears to my eyes immediately upon reading it. I remember that night of red hots and I remember my wedding week with you and I remember taking pictures with you and Megan last year right before we came to China. I remember a lot:) Now i’m going to have the memory of you being an even more amazing friend that you would drop everything to come see me and be with me during my battle with leukemia. I’m going to remember that it was hard to have phone conversations while I was in China and we almost didn’t talk for a year while I was hear (we had emails) but the first time we talked while I was laying in a hospital bed it was for over an hour! When we got off the phone my husband said, I can tell that made you happy to talk to her! I love you and I love our precious Jesus for the friendship He has given us!


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