The great, the good, and the rest


I couldn’t not post about life, even if it’s been 2 weeks.  I just have to tell you everything.  Life is a whirlwind.  A beautiful, hard, full, exciting whirlwind.

The great:

We had our housewarming party!  An evening full of homemade sushi, twinkle lights, and friends.  Thank you to everyone who made it.  And thanks for the 6 bottles of wine, the 3 flower arrangements, the owl vase, and the hugenormous gift basket!  We are utterly blessed.

My man and I went on a 3 hour midnight bike ride this weekend.  It was the best decision we’ve made here yet. Y’ALL.  Come bicycle with me this fall!  It was the perfect summer night, and our neighborhood has such charm.  We stopped at the Lil’ Pop Shop for the best goat cheese/lavender/honey popsicle you will ever bite into.  We rode along the river, up to the boat houses, back through Rittenhouse, and got a private fireworks display over the water.  It was magical.

I ate at my first Philadelphia food truck.  Um, it was divine.

My neighborhood has the coolest little afternoon festival where all the restaurants give you food for $1, the bookstore gives you free books, and the people watching is decidedly unmatched.  I went, I tasted, I loved.

The good:

I lost 5 pounds.  Holla budget and bicycle rides!

Thursday night bluegrass at the bar across the street from us.  If we open our windows and they open their windows, it’s like a free concert at our place.

I’m going through Be Transformed again.  That could probably be classified as great, if it changes my life anywhere near as much as it did the first time.  Thank you, Jesus!

The interesting:

My body is doing sickly things again like it did to me when we moved to Texas.  Here’s to hoping I don’t develop another food allergy or something.  In fact, I covet your prayers over this.

I still don’t have any friend girls close by.  Like, I could use some real, dreaming, long walks, spontaneous, sun loving, gospel friends.  Like yesterday.

We have a mouse in our house.  And he’s gooood.  The city slicker, steal food from our counters and mouse traps, invisible except for the occasional tail kind of good.  And by good I mean bad.

The upcoming:

My sister and co is coming for a visit this weekend for nephew’s 1st birthday!  This year went by way too fast.  I can’t believe he is already 1.  Think birthday party, sibling dates, and the beach.

Aiver Press is printing it’s first wedding invitation this week!  I cannot wait to share the invite with you.  It’s simple and quirky at the same time.  And we love it.  Aiver Press is also working on a specialty screen printed item for my cousin’s nursery that you don’t want to miss.  Are you following us on Facebook and Twitter?   :)

Diner en Blanc– I want to go to this so much!  You dress up in all white, go to a secret location with 1000 other people, and eat a gourmet dinner overlooking some awesome part of the city.  Taking donations, if you’d like to contribute to our dream date.  :D

That’s it for today, folks!  Be back soon, as we now have internet in our abode.






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