Oh hey!

There is just so much to tell.

We made it to Philly, belongings and all.  We LOVE our new place.  Boxes are everywhere.  We still have a bazillion things to do to make it homey.  We are having a housewarming party in 1.5 weeks.  Talk about motivation to clean.  We won’t get internet in our casa until the end of the month.  That means I’ve made good friends with the little cafe down the street.  The sounds here are different.  So are the smells.  So is everything.  I like it, mostly.

We can hear Saturday night karaoke through our walls.  We can smell 500 different ethnic foods from our front staircase.  I rode the bus/subway/trolley for the first time.

We are surviving off of beans, rice, butter noodles, and spontaneous chocolate binges.

I’m happy to have all of my clothes back.

My sweet brother and sista in law gave us the most AWESOME housewarming present.  Like I could light that candle, drink that coffee, and clean with those cleaning supplies all day long.

I’m learning how to live here and make friends here and love here.  Which is working nicely so far.

In other news, if you aren’t listening to Stagbriar, why in the world aren’t you?


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