Dear friends,

WE FOUND A HOME!  :)  After weeks of sorting through craigslist ads, real estate companies, and pad mapper, we found our new baby house.  It was a pretty discouraging process.  But when we walked onto our new little corner, we were both in love.  It took a skinny glance in Adam’s direction, a lot of thumbs up, and a quick tour to know for sure.  I think we called the landlord outside on the sidewalk.  I think we filled out the application in record time.  I think we already signed the lease.  And I’m positive we already googled reviews on everything in our neighborhood.

Can I tell you about our place?

First and foremost, we have a bedroom. Hallelujah!  You should know that we’ve been planning on a studio, so a whole bedroom is the best.  We have room for company.  We have room for a couch.  We have room for little Aiver Press.  It’s more than I could have dreamed.

Our new abode is second story on a little corner in West Philly.  We share the corner with a few ethiopian places, a coffee shop, and a bar or two.  We’ll be able to walk out of our place in winter time and grab a coffee on our way to work.  We’ll be able to invite friends out for a drink and walk 23 ft to our front door.  We’ll be able to catch the bus one block down, the trolley 2 blocks, and work 5 blocks.  It could not be more perfect for us.

Please come visit.  It already feels like home, and we haven’t even moved in yet.  It’s so good for my soul.  Housewarming party to follow.

I’ve been taking some pictures of my friend, Tori, as she gets her start in the fashion industry.  You can find her outfits on Lookbook.  This is my favorite outtake of my woods mermaid.


One thought on “Home

  1. i can’t wait to visit you! i will learn to take the train! and i can sleep on the couch! and i absolutely l o v e what youd did with that photo! you are talented my dear.


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