Just too good

There’s something about a summer’s day that is hard to explain.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about this season always feels so promising.  Maybe it’s the 10 pounds I immediately lost when my mom brought home a new scale (praise the Lord, because I couldn’t figure out how THAT happened).  Maybe it’s the morning coffee, even though it’s sticky sweaty and my bangs stick to my forehead.  Maybe it’s the huge stack of library books that I’ve been devouring, and the never ending desire for more literature (though admittedly, I’m stuck on YA novels).  Maybe it’s that I can stay up later and work out longer and rise and shine earlier than usual, and it works because it’s summer.  And So You Think You Can Dance is back on television.  It’s all just too good.

As usual, I’m sitting at a coffee shop in Phila on my day off.  This morning we went apartment hunting (promising), I’ve already put down a pink truffle hot chocolate and an iced lavender cafe au lait (luxurious), and I’m planning exciting future things (exciting, like I said).

What I can’t get over is this:

Life is SO good right now.  I know what hard times feel like better than most.  I don’t always share the hard things with you, my blog.  But I know what it’s like to have $0.26 in the bank account, no roof to call our own, and what real sickness is.  I know what hard days are, and hard months, and hard years.  I think it’s important to be transparent in those times.  But this season is just too good, and I want to share it with you.  This season is one of real joy and rest.  There is so much that I’m looking forward to this summer.  And it feels better than iced lavender drink, and better than summer nights, and better than losing 10 lbs.

(But all of those things feel good, too.)

Vacation is right around the corner.  A-man and I will be driving South to Carolina to get our stuff from storage at the end of the month.  Prepare for a very large yard sale and some serious hugging.  If you’d like to join the community sale, please message me for more info on times and locations!  We’d love to add your stuff to the mix.  If you don’t have anything to sell, bring your dollar bills y’all!

Also, anyone that wants to is welcome to come visit us in Philly at any time.  Our place might be so tiny that you’ll be sharing the floor with the fridge, but we still think community is important.  We’d really love to have you.

I’d love to know what is so good about your life right now.  Even if life is hard today (or this year), I want to know what is good!  And if the only good thing today is Jesus, then all is still well.  What’s good?!  Hit up the comment section.

And a shout-out to Mrs. Cortney Bruce of Cortney B Photography!  We’d totally suggest her photography skills to anyone in the Central Texas area.

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