Things I’ve learned as a coffee waitress

It’s Friday!  For me that means date night.  For most that means no work tomorrow.  For some it means early morning barista shifts, and I’m one of the some.  Which means date night will end earlier than usual.

S0 let me tell you the best story of my morning waitress life.  There’s an old man that comes into my coffee shop every single day.  He has a special cup that we keep for him behind the counter.  He takes our newspapers home to recycle, and he has hair that grows past his ears.  We’ll call him “Bob”.  The other day Bob leaned over the counter and said,

“Hey, you know about that girl they found in the attic?”

Um. I don’t think I heard about that one, Bob.

“Yeah you did!  I think you know about her.”

Can you tell me more about it?

“It was in another country, like Holland or something.”

Oh, I don’t think I heard that one.

“Yes you did.”   “It was a long time ago.”  “I think her name was Anne.”

Oh. You mean Anne Frank?

“Yes!  She’s the one!”

Oh. Yes I’ve heard of Anne Frank.

Reason number 27 why I love my job.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a simple public service announcement as you celebrate this Memorial Day Weekend.  Here are some things I didn’t know before I started working at my coffee house (and some I did know).  Consider these next time you visit a coffee house near you.

  • It is so kind to tip.
  • It is kind to tip, even if you are only getting a $1.50 coffee.
  • It is so kind to tip if you come in every day and ask us to wash out your travel cup and refill with water and a lemon slice.  That takes time, even if the water with lemon was free to you.

And that’s that!


storms brewing, PA style


Enjoy your weekend!  And go visit your barista with all of this newfound knowledge.


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