5 things

1. My baby brother just graduated from COLLEGE last weekend.  He’s so grown up now, has a wife and a big boy job, and is pretty cool.  And my honey’s (I used to hate people calling their significant others honey.  Now I just imagine the golden goodness that I put on my kefir and in my hot tea, and I realized how wonderful a compliment honey is.) official graduation date from GRAD SCHOOL is this weekend.  Both my brother and my husband are accepting gifts. You’re welcome for the shout out, brother and husband.

In Princeton for graduation parties. Photo by the Bryant’s. :)



2. My mom wants everyone to know that the Key West Key Lime Pie Co has gluten free key lime pie.  They also ship all across the United States for your dessert eating pleasure.  Cue sugar coma, because I’m pretty sure I could eat a whole pie just by myself.

3. Homemade deodorant is better than ever.  Final thoughts on this for ever and ever and ever: put way more coconut oil than the recipe calls for.  So when you apply it’s like melted oil on your skin.  I started adding grapefruit extract to mine, and it’s wonderful.

4. The Influence Conference is coming up in October, and tickets just went on sale.  Some of the lady bloggers who have influenced me most will be there, and I want to go too!  I’m thinking a little big road trip, a shared hotel room, and an infinite amount of snacks, music, and road trip stories would make this a great birthday trip.  Also the Jesus part, the  shopping, the gift bags, and meeting new friends.  Anyone want to go with me?!

5. I want to dye my hair red. It’ll go perfect with my bangs and my coffee shop/diner job.

We are who we are


The end.



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