Bangs and the funnies

I promised bangs.

Here's to keeping promises

And this because it’s Monday and I think it’s hilarious…

Google searches that led people to my blog


1. “Homemade chandeliers”- these, of course.  It’s a new craze.

2. “Cute guys taking pics”- Probably because my husband is a cute guy and I take pics of him.

3. “Shaven hair”- I like beards.  And mustaches.  And while I do enjoy my own legs/armpits silky smooth, I don’t know how you got here.

4. “Mario Bolognese”- Congrats for wanting to make this recipe.  It’s my top 5 fave foods.

5. “Where does the flapper beauty mark go?”- If you find out, let me know!

6. “Kate Mew”- If you were looking for a Kate Mew, I know one.

7. “Long ears men”-  No clue.  Good luck on your search.

8. “How to pull your belly button out”- Well folks, the bad news is you can’t.  Unless you get pregnant, then it pops out all by itself.  But the kids I nanny for asked the exact same question once.

9. “Whiskers men”- Now we’re talkin!

10. “Cabin wine”- I like cabins and wine.  Especially together.  So you’ve probably come to the right place.

11. “Jesus christmas”- My favorite being and my favorite holiday rolled into one.

and my personal favorite

12. “When cuddling you start sweating”- I have that same problem in the summer sometimes.



And that’s all for this edition of google searches!  Thank you for your time.




8 thoughts on “Bangs and the funnies

  1. I’m in LOVE with your bangs! I’ve been wanting to give myself side swept bangs but have decided to wait until summer to reward myself… for making it through my 2nd year of teaching without going nuts! ha ;-)


      • Thanks pretty! I’ve been thinking about it forever (because of the angel wings). And then I hung out with my sweet friend in New York, and we have a ritual of drinking cabernet and cutting our hair on bored afternoons. I wasn’t bored on Saturday, I was just inspired after a day with my friend :) My mom has these old haircutting scissors that I used, but they were pretty dull. My bangs are a little choppy and kind of too much, but I like that about them.


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