Bakery and Flea Markets

Happy weekend, loves!

Yesterday, my man and I rode the train up to NYC to see my feather, Ellen, and her sweet cousin, Emily!

We had a leisurely day visiting Baby Cakes Bakery (gluten free, sugar free, nut free, AND vegan) and the Brooklyn flea market.  I wholly recommend both of these things to you.  It was my favorite trip to New York ever, so perfect in every way (especially the Ellen part).  I’m pretty sure Baby Cakes will remain on my to-eat list for every future visit and especially for my next birthday.  The flea market is also perfect in every way, but make sure you visit with cash in hand.  You’ll want to bring a lot of it (think hundreds) because you are going to want to buy EVERYTHING.  They have sweet vintage finds and handmade jewelry, furniture, t-shirts, prints, decor, EVERYTHING.  They also sell really sweet food items like grilled corn on a stick, homemade soda, a taco bar, smoothies, and indian cuisine.

It was the perfect day.

Emily, Ellen, Erin


reunited at last!


baby cakes, nyc.


family photo at the flea market


{ Also, I cut my bangs!  If you’ll please take notice, I have random angel wings in all of the pictures above.  I thought I would remedy that.  Photos to come. }

A and I spent the rest of the day hand in hand in Central Park.  He would also implore me to tell you that I cried (read: wept) the 4 blocks it took us to walk to the park and for 20 minutes after we got there.  It was because I missed my friend so much.  And because I loved the day so much.  Do you understand such grand displays of emotion?  (He didn’t.)

I hope your weekend was beautiful, too.




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