Help yourself to a cuppa

Hey dear ones.

I’m practicing not saying “guys”.  It’s the hardest part of my new job.  I can say y’all, boo boo, darlin, sweetie, honey love, or basically anything except guys.  I think I have to pay a dollar or something if I slip that one up.  And so I’ll shall, from here on out, be referring to you all as muffins.  Ok, princess?

In all seriousness, please teach me how to wake up at 4 am.  Also how to carry multiple plates.  Also how to answer the phone in a sweet, concise, and professional manner.  Or actually, just teach me how to hear the phone when it rings.  I love my new job so much.  Please come visit me and let me practice taking orders on you!  Before long, I’ll be such a pro.  It’s kinda just like learning how to dance, and that I’m pretty good at.

*fingers crossed*

I hope that’s how my blog is for you sometimes, a little cute coffee shop.  A place where you can just grab your cup of coffee or wine and spend a little time away from the world.  I hope you feel like you are talking to an old friend or listening to some good stories.  I hope you find some serious inspiration and feel encouraged to keep on in this life race.  I hope you know that it’s safe here to talk about whatever you are needing to talk about, and that I’ll always have to point you to Jesus while simultaneously understanding the legitimate hard that life can be.  I really like that you are here.


We like to have fun, my boo bunny and me.


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