All about Aiver

I am so proud to introduce to you Aiver Press!

I know this has been a long time coming, and Adam and I have been working really hard to make this dream come to life.  First, I’d like to thank everyone for being so patient with me as we’ve been spending a lot of time preparing for this.  A big big thank you to Jade for being our first customer.  And thank you to my parents for letting us get started in their basement, even though they are trying to move to a new house and have to listen to Aiver talk all day.  (love ya momma)

So let me tell you all about it!!!!  Adam has been fiddling around with graphic design for a few years now.  He created our wedding invitations, all graphics relating to my brother’s wedding, some screen printing, and a few spontaneous prints here and there.  We decided through much prayer and common sense that this would be a great starting point to build our own home business that could potentially grow into something huge!  We bought our letterpress in January and finally have him up and running.

The name Aiver came through a million hours of brainstorming.  We tweeted, facebooked, asked family members, looked up other print companies, spent forever waiting on the perfect name.  In such circumstances, it is probably a good decision to give yourself a time limit.  With a dictionary and a few stipulations we found the word “aiver”.

Ai-ver noun : an old workhorse.

We really feel like this embodies what our business is.  The letterpress itself is an old, hardworking piece of equipment.  Plus, he’s cute.  Plus, Aiver and Press are both 5 letters long!  Perfect.

I am really excited to begin working on all kinds of projects with you guys.  Right now we are taking graphic design orders (logo, branding, business card, cd cover, etc) as well as custom prints (which means we’ll print whatever you want on our Aiver).  Someday soon we hope to have ready made prints in our store for sale!  If you would like anything designed or printed, feel free to e-mail me anytime or comment on this post!

You can follow Aiver Press & Design on Facebook and Twitter.



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