Looks 2012 (and hopefully longer)

It’s the start of the weekend, and I am ready to hang out with my man in the city and watch movies with my brother and his wife.  I’m ready for the warm weather to stay for a while, and I’m ready for summertime.  I’m ready to move into our new apartment as soon as we can, I’m ready to decorate it, and I’m ready to clean everything out.  The super deep spring kind.

The hardest part about that deep spring thing is my clothes.  I’m ready for one of those small wardrobes full of fabulous, timeless pieces.  So I made a list.  There are 20 things on my list of things to get, though at this rate it’ll probably take a few birthday/christmases.  I’m considering it a marathon!  A one in, one out, stick to my list, classic, what I want to dress like, teaming up with my friend Megan marathon.

I should tell you about this great website I found.  I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I just think it’s fabulous.  Shopping Notes.  Basically, you link the URL of the item you have your eye on and they email you when it goes on sale.  Easy and wonderful!  I do get a little credit every time I refer a friend though, so if you were wanting to check it out I could totally send you an email about it.

  Wish list

The Suede Sidewalk Skimmer, Madewell

Cool Mint Studs, Etsy (and pretty much every other earrings from this store)

Some kind of cute, tribal top (trendy, I know), Etsy

Perfect LBD, homemade (but not by me)

Overnight bag, Layla Grace, Jamie Young Bags

Camel Jeans, Anthropologie

Glasses like this, Madewell

Miss Dior Cherie, local department store


a) great boots, to go with everything

b) a lace dress for summer

c) pattern tights

d) stockpile on some classic shirts/socks/undies

e) pattern skirt

f) delicious winter coat, to replace my so-so ones

g) a bathing suit to shame all bathing suits (1) one piece and (1) for sunbathing

h) black flats

Dreaming dreaming dreaming.  Hope your weekend is fabulous!


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