About that last post

Sometimes the Lord does things in our hearts so fast we never saw it coming.

Yesterday’s post was absolutely about how exciting and a scary it will be to move into a studio apartment.  I have so much to learn about organizing, and I really do need much help in the area of giving up sentimental non-necessary things.

But the Lord gently told me 3 separate times today that He is the one who provides all of my needs.  That He gives me so  much more than I deserve.  That He knows what I need and yet He still gives me so much more than I could possibly ask for.  That He likes blessing me and surprising me.  That He already knows what house will be mine, that my real home is with Him, and how precious this time in my life is.  I couldn’t make up anything better.

He absolutely provides.  And also, I’m kind of excited about the little house.  I think it will be freeing to not have so much shtuff.  How sweet the life of being able to pack all of my possessions in a single box.  How adventurous the life that can up and move at a moment’s notice.  How incredibly pleased my husband will be when everything has a place, and I’m not scrambling to find room for my junk.

I hope it makes room for more people and relationship freedom and tames my desire for greater possessions.

Thanks for listening to my junky junk.



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