Hey there!

I must tell you that my pastor friend’s trip got extended by two whole weeks.  Which means I’m on a very consistent diet of Spanglish and rice and beans.  And also that I’m fighting for time to return phone calls and such.  (I’m sorry!)  I’m also very very proud to announce the birth of our sweet letterpress THIS MONTH.  I haven’t forgotten you, I pinky promise.  Who wants to be our first client? :)

In the rare spare moments I have, my husband is making me watch TED talks.  I mean I love those, but I think it’s a ploy for me to get rid of some of our stuff.  I’m brainstorming how we are possibly going to move into a 400 sq feet living space this summer.  By selling all of our stuff.  By keeping only our very favorites.  By making multifunctional spaces.  400 sq feet.  Yikes.  I’m praying for 600.

We’ll have some stuff for sale.  If you live near Columbia, SC, and you need new furniture, please consider visiting our storage unit for all of your household needs.  I’m also thinking about having a clothing sale on the blog here.  And if there is anything of mine that you have ever seen that you would like, please inquire!  I’m not sure what my favorite things are, how to minimize, how to not be so sentimental, all that stuff.

Ruthless editing.

Extreme organization.

Keep only what I love.  Like if I had 5 minutes to save whatever I wanted from a house fire or something like that.

Good thing we really like each other.

Anyway, I’m looking for some good good motivational material.  Like pictures and blogs.  And design ideas.  And furniture ideas.  And help on what clothes to keep ideas.

the essentials

Any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Minimalistic

  1. Computer and guitar. I would say our letterpress, too, but it’s so heavy. I’m not sure if I had to carry it out I would survive the fire.


    • Well, it’s a good thing this was all just theoretical :D I’d rather have you a bazilion million times, my love.


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