Real and true

A day walking around Newtown

The chocolatier

The cute reading nook in the children’s library

The splendid sunshine with my sweet friend Tori

she's so lovely

I can definitely say that today was one of the best of my time here in Pennsylvania.  I learned a lot about myself today, in so many ways that I like.  I want to learn more about myself.  I think a lot of my opinions are based on what my friends think are cool.  I’ve decided to live and love how I think is cool.

I’m learning what it feels like to be me, have my own thoughts and dreams, try styles that I like because I like them, practice cat eyes and multi colored fingernail polish.  It’s ok if you don’t think those things are cool.  I want to try them.  I learned that I’m a visual learner.  I learned that it’s ok to see words and letters as colors and feelings.  It’s ok to dream big and let life be full of rainbows.

It’s also ok to be real and raw and emotional.  It’s ok to be hard and deep, to make mistakes and feel those mistakes.  It’s ok to hurt, to love so big that it’s painful, to want friendships that are bigger than life and give without expecting anything in return.

I rode the train to meet my husband in Philadelphia.  We walked hand in hand through the cobblestone streets and ivy buildings.  We ordered coffee in the bookstore, and I lusted over UPenn t-shirts.  They were gorgeous and jersey knit, and I think I will buy them.

I also think I’d like to make a dress.  And you know what?  I’m going to seriously try.  Because I can’t sew right now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t ever be able to.  And my homemade dress might totally fail, but it might also be incredible and beautiful.  And I’ll know after I try.

I’m working on being me for now.  This new city is a good place to figure that out.





One thought on “Real and true

  1. this brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! i’m glad you love our conversations as much as i did! i’ve been so encouraged. thank you!


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