Together goals

Last week I clearly took an (accidental) blog break.  My friend Hazel and her husband were here visiting from Nicaragua.  We spent the week shopping, cooking, and taking long naps.  Hazel’s pregnant so I thought I, too, could eat extra food and take extra naps!  When in Rome.  Or in this case, community with sweet friends.

me, momma, Hazel. Isn't her belly so cute?!

This week I’m back on the bandwagon and with a vengeance.  After exploring the dairy free life, I’ve decided that I’m actually not allergic to dairy in any of it’s forms.  At least not from what I can tell at this point.  So that clears that up!  I also learned that a few of my best friends in Texas are working out and eating right.  Some of them wake up at 5 am for an early training session, some of them decided to take up the hobby of running, and some of them are suddenly very interested in vitamins.  I’m headed down to that sweet place this May, and we have a weekend retreat at the river planned.  Talk about motivation!  

This week I’ll be adding to my natural living lifestyle through meal planning and exercise goals.  I really, really want to share this with you ladies!  I’d like to open up the comments section to talk about weight loss or weight gain goals, healthy lifestyle, homemade things, and natural/healthy things in general.  Do you have goals in this area?  Insecurities?  Successes?  Need motivation/help/accountability?  Me, too.

Today I am going to jump/run on my little mini trampoline during the Dr.Oz show.  Killing a few birds with one stone here:  exercise + Dr. Oz motivation = productive for me.  4:00 pm Eastern if you would like to join me!

Let’s please do this together.

Also, my homemade deodorant is awesome.  It works, I’m not smelly (maybe a little coconut smelling), and my underarms have never been softer.  I have one critique on it though.  Don’t use too much!  You’ll find yourself with little beads of deodorant on your carpet and clothes.  A thin layer works just as well.  Has anyone tried it yet?


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