Natural Living Day 1

It’s been one YEAR since I went gluten free.  Really I never imagined I would actually still be gluten free, loving it, confident in it, and forever sure that I made the right decision here.  It’s actually been quite amazing the things I’ve learned, and I’ll never ever ever think that eating delicious glutenous food is worth being chronically sick for.  Thanks for sticking with me through all of my learning curves!

Which brings me to today…

Homemade deodorant!  Before you scream and run out of the room, let me explain a little.  I’m definitely not that weird.  I like smelling nice.  I like brushing my hair.  I like dressing up and wearing perfume and brushing my teeth, etc.  I don’t eat hay or bugs, I don’t smell like fungus, and I don’t have ticks or fleas or anything.  I have just learned a lot about what bad things are in my deodorant (and other stuff I use) that make me think it’s worth the risk of trying my best to live more naturally.  How big of a risk is it, anyways?  You probably even might already have all of the ingredients you need to right in your kitchen.  And, PLUS, you can add whatever natural fragrance you want to your deo to make it smell however feminine you’d like.

It’s not urban legend.  It probably lowers your risk for Alzheimers and Breast Cancer.  Just try it.


Mix together 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of cornstarch together in a bowl.  Add 10 or more drops of tea tree oil (this is where you could substitute lavender, rose, lemon, etc) and mix.  Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, melted, and mix together until well combined.  Shape with your hands into a nice little deodorant ball and wrap in plastic wrap until ready to use!

I also googled deodorant bottles and found some for like .80 each.  You know, like if the idea of a deodorant ball freaks you out or anything.

Oh and also… some of the cool kids are doing it.

Let me know how it goes for you!


10 thoughts on “Natural Living Day 1

  1. Ha! “Deodorant ball” is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!

    I’m not sure that I’m ready to make my own deodorant, but we are beginning the adventure of eating more naturally…I’m not even really sure what that means yet, but I’m researching and learning. I look forward to reading about your discoveries too!


    • Hannah Jo, I’m not even sure what that means for me either! I really got into this homemade thing by accident, but now I totally get it and I LOVE IT. The homemade part. Which for me, is the first step to whatever natural means because I can see what’s going into what I make. I love your blog! Keep me posted on your discoveries.


  2. oh my gosh, I just made deodorant, using the same ingredients, last weekend! i went the unscented route because I don’t really like any scents competing with my Chloe (that sounded snobby but oh well) and it works really well. I used more coconut oil, probably 2-3 HEAPING spoonfuls, and i keep it in a jar and get some out with my fingers, rub it in, and use the excess as hand lotion. i have horrible b.o. and usually have to use prescription strength (and reapply throughout the day), but with this recipe i put it on once and am good to go all day.


  3. Yay Kels! Girl, me too! About the prescription strength b.o. thing. I’ve had on my homemade kind all day, even through my 30 minute vigorous Matt Smith trampoline workout (I sorta saw on twitter that you might be trampolining too?), and still no stench. Huzzah! PS. The Chloe thing is perfect. I think I’m gonna switch to non scented as soon as I purchase my Dior. Feel better?


    • haha YES i have been trampolining! it is the ONLY work out that i’ve been able to stick with, because I get to watch my precious TV shows while I do it (friday night lights!!!)

      wanted to mention something scary i just noticed. I haven’t worn store bought deodorant in almost a week, and I’m wearing a brand new shirt, and I can smell the old deodorant odor under my arms right now. pretty scary that it’s soaked in that much! so now we are deodorant detoxing i guess!


      • ME TOO. TV and the tramp. That’s so crazy about leftover deodorant. I kind of assumed my body would have some kind of a detox period, but I didn’t know you would be able to smell the old kind! Sheesh, I’m glad I switched. My underarms have never been softer.


        • Meg, do it! You will love it I think. You could totally add something to make it smell feminine and sweet. I’m so proud of you for doing paleo!


  4. Ahhh! I love this, I want to try it, I just need to get a few of the ingredients.
    I want to live more naturally too…I’ve been Shampoo free for about 9 months now. I never even considered homemade deodorant! So stoked!


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