How are y’all doing with your goals for this year?  I made some new ones since New Years and they’re awesome.

I went dairy free about a week ago, and my tummy aches are at an all time low (that’s a great thing).  Except that I really really love dairy.  I’ve accidentally eaten butter a couple of times in my grits, and I ate a handful of Cheetos once.  But I’m getting better at it every day!  Goal = be healthier

I started making ADORABLE baby moccasins.  My sewing skills are quite terrible (my mom’s are great), but my prototypes are so cute.  It’s making me want a) a baby and b) to someday make grown up ones.  If you have a 0-12 month old, you maybe might want to start moccasin budgeting.  :D  Goal = work from home

I’m super interested in all things home makeover because we might be building our next home from almost scratch.  That’s super cool, I have know idea how to make an old barn a home, and I’m excited beyond belief.  Goal = read more home improvement blogs

I’m trying to be an adventurous feather, instead of a scaredy cat.  I’m trying new things, enjoying this city, rolling with the punches the best I know how.  Goal = trust the Lord moment by moment

I’m perfecting the art of lists and doodling.  Goal = be more organized, but still be fun

And I’m working on my photography skills in environments that make me super uncomfortable.  Like too much sunshine or too little sunshine, or anything that makes me feel like I can’t do it.  I have a muse, he’s my husband.  Maybe I’ll try and share the hard to take pictures with you.  Goal = push myself in my chosen art-hobby

this wasn't one of those hard ones, it just happened on a walk down to the baseball field

I’d like to say a special thank you to Jessi over at Naptime Diaries for featuring me on her blog last month.  Check out her sweet words, cute style, super cute hair, and super super cute babies!  Thanks, Jess!


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