Hey ladies!

Thanks for bearing with me through all of the changes today!  I think my new layout will challenge me to photograph the things I blog about.  I’m super lazy about taking the time some days, but it’s worth it.  How plain would that homepage be without pictures?!

I feel as if I should take some time to explain a few things.  I’ve been telling you a lot about the stuff that’s going on around here.  Letterpress, etsy store, new jobs, moving by accident, etc.  Those are all real and so true.  One of my faults is that I get so over excited about everything, and my imagination works way faster than time does.  This explains why sometimes I tell you I have something for you right around the corner, and then it never shows up.  The truth is that it’s coming, I want to tell you all about it, we really are working on it,  and my hands haven’t caught up to my mind yet.  So, thank ya for humoring me :D

In other news, my hubban took the job!  That means:

#1.  We’re house searching.  Think studio apartment in the city, barn turned into house in my parent’s backyard, and everything in between.

#2.  We’ll start bringing in support income so that things can advance with our Letterpress company.  Our projected up and running date is mid March-ish.

#3. We are officially praying about who our home church will be.

#4. My man will be riding the train every day, and maybe me too.

#5. I’ll have to stop pouting about living in PA, and just live here.  Passionately, actually, really, whole heartedly, trustingly LIVE here. (God is really helping me on this one.)

On the side, Adam is still doing freelance graphic design work (and girl is he awesome!).  I am free for babysitting, lifestyle photo shoots, and house cleaning/organizing.  Email me for more information.


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