My friends, I hope everyone is having a sweet beginning to the weekend.  It’s raining here in PA, but it’s almost 60 degrees.  60!  In January!  In the NORTH!  Praise praise praise, because we Bedenbaughs haven’t developed thick blood yet.  Ours still flows thin and free like Texas summers.

We spent the morning walking along the Delaware River a few blocks from our house.  In the pouring rain.  One of those days when the rain feels like grace.  When you don’t mind the soaked tennis shoes or the cars that spray water.  When you kind of like the muddy, earthy water bank seeping into your tennies.  When you seek refuge underneath bridges along the canal and pass the closed for the winter ice-cream shops, wishing they were open.  The sweetness of open windows when you get back home, and an afternoon of books under the covers.  One of those days, and I really really like it.

Etsy store was put on hold due to high volume of niece and nephew this week.  Production should resume within the next week or so. :)  Sneak peak: wooly classic iPhone covers, macbook cases, baby moccasins, longies.  So much excitement!



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