Dairy FREEk

Hey friends!

My sister, niece, and cutest little nephew are in town this until Thursday, so please forgive my absence.  We are snow man building, museum going, sushi cooking, nap taking, movie watching, longie making while they are here!

In other news, I’m starting my dairy free adventure today!  It’s been one year in February that my gluten free life started, so here’s to the next chapter.  Any advice is welcome, super encouraged, needed, wanted, loved, cherished!  Etc.  :D  Help! (I love dairy)


2 thoughts on “Dairy FREEk

  1. Going dairy free isn’t that easy, but can definitely be done. My youngest is allergic to milk/dairy and my husband is also, but didn’t know this until this past year. It’s harder for him since he knows what real dairy products taste like. He has found some good substitutions, though…like, rice milk (vanilla), coconut milk yogurt, Daiya Vegan cheese…use sparingly because it’s a little weird in texture, but my son loves it! The Soy Dream icecreams and coconut milk (Turtle Mountain brand) icecream is really good. I eve like those. Tofutti Sour Cream and cream cheese are another not too bad substitution. We all use Smart Balance butter…not all are dairy-free, but the 2 smaller tubs in a package are, and also the larger tub that is light with flax is dairy free. ~ Anyway, maybe some of this info will be of use to you on your journey to dairy free. My husband is also Gluten-Free, and I have cut out all wheat since the beginning of the year… I’ve followed your blog for a while now…found you through my friend, Amanda…I believe she is a mutual friend.


  2. Lisa,
    Thank you so much! This is wonderful. I am continuously getting dairied by accident, but getting better at learning all of the keywords every day! I’ve heard delicious things about Tofutti and I’ve been drinking almond milk for a while. I think the hardest thing is cheese, so I’ll have to try that vegan kind. I can’t wait to try everything!


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