Home biz

Home business is such a good thing.

For me it is good because I think it’s what God wants Adam and me to do.  There have always been little inklings about this, but it’s been just a desire and a someday.  Then we got to thinking- why not now?  If it’s what we want to do and feel a go ahead from the Lord about, why does it have to be a someday?  The timing is perfect.  Just finished up grad school, not yet baby blessed, and we certainly have the time.  So here it goes.

A letterpress business.  That’s where we are headed!  We’ve picked out the name, are looking at a few press purchases, and are dreaming and praying big things over this.  We have the space picked out.  My sweet man is working diligently to create designs.  We’ve even started talking with some partners about working together on some special things.  It’s so exciting!

Letterpress  let·ter·press/ˈletərˌpres/

Printing from a hard, raised image under pressure, using viscous ink.
(thanks Merriam-Webster)

I would encourage a google search of images at this point to get a good feel for what it looks like.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  I can’t wait to share more details with you about our shop opening and let you see some of the things we have created.

In the meantime, I have a few things to tide you over until we get up and running.  My momma and I are starting an etsy store to help support our husbands during this transition time (at least, that’s what my half is going towards).  We are hitting up the sewing machines tomorrow and will hopefully be debuting some things by the end of this week/beginning of next.  Keep your eyes peeled!

More immediately, Adam is doing some freelance design work until our press comes in.  If anyone is in need of some graphic design work, logo, cute blog buttons, business cards, etc. please let us know!  He’s super talented and a trustworthy man to do business with.

We’d be honored for you to jump on board in any way you’d like!  Prayers, purchases, encouraging words encouraged.  :)




2 thoughts on “Home biz

  1. I am your biggest fan! When I get married, I want you guys to do my invitations. And I think I’m gonna need some personal business cards soon. And a website. You guys are the only people I trust. Haha. You’re employed. Love y’all. Miss you sooo much!!!


    • I love you so much, ells. I am your biggest fan too, and I’m going to need a cd of that record you just made with Kenneth. And I want you to be my midwife when it’s baby season. :D Love you feather.


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