Pleased to meet you

Hi new readers and blog friends!

I said some things were going to be changing around the blog a little bit, and here’s why:  By the River is growing!  More readers are showing up around here!  It’s a huge blessings and super exciting, but that means it’s not just close friends and family reading my posts anymore.  Things will likely be less about my cute nephew, more about my very immediate family (i.e. hubban and me), and a lot about Jesus and whatever you guys are wanting to know.  :D

In case you were wondering, By The River actually means something.  It’s where my honey and I had our first date (and most of our dates after that).  We got to know each other through hundreds of conversations and picnics by the river in downtown Columbia, SC.  It’s also where I hope to live someday (any body of water would work), the first name of my first niece (River), and a sweet symbol of God’s grace and provision in my life (Psalm 1).

The love of my life (Adam) and I got married in March of 2010 and have lived in 3 states since then.  We don’t have babies yet, but definitely want them in the near future.  We are currently living a blessed and challenging life in my parent’s spare bedroom and hope to start our own business in their basement.  Letterpress (more on that soon, I promise!).

I like taking pictures, nannying babies, this website, snuggles, eating any kind of food, swing dancing, and coffee dates with sweet people.

I want to know you back!  Like, what your name is AND

a) your favorite goal for this year  (mine is starting the home biz with my hub)


b) what you like to read about (cooking, fashion, life as a wife, how to start a home business, etc.)

I’m Erin.  Pleased to meet ya!

Cute hubban and me






11 thoughts on “Pleased to meet you

  1. to my texas-missing, south carolina-loving sister: your blog is you- through and through. i’ll enjoy reading your stories & living them with you.


  2. a) My goal for this year is to start a printing and design company and b) I like to read blogs like and but it’s ok if you decide not to talk about manliness or draw geeky comics. I would love to hear more stories about your wonderful husband. He really sounds like a catch.


  3. A. My goal for this year is to legitimately knit a sweater…not just a baby sweater, but one I will wear. And to live more frugally and put money away for us to buy/make a down payment on our own house.

    B. I’d love to read more about cooking and food (helloooo!), your day to day life as a wife, and life up north….snow. :)

    I love your blog so much, I’m subscribed to lots of blogs but yours is one of 2 that I actually look forward to reading EVERY post! The other ones I rarely end up reading


    • Jessica! I hope it snows and you come see me :D I can’t wait to see your real, lady sweater(s). I just wish I could knit! Baby sweaters are real, too! love you, friend


  4. One of my goals this year is to be willing to take risks while trusting God and seek Him to make me more wholistically healthy – more time with him, loving my husband better and more tangibly, new career goals, heart healing in lots of areas.
    If I spent more time on the internet – all my time would be scanning pictures of food and home decor. And catching up with my long distance friends via their blogs. Love you and miss you! Piper misses you too. He’s eating flax seeds now a days to help with his sensitive tummy.


    • I want to adopt all of these holistic goals, Meg. Maybe someday God will have us as housemates again, and we can do it together! Yay Piper! That’s so cute… I hope it makes his little tummy feel better (and everything else smell better?) I want to hear all of your heart healing and career goals!


  5. Hello, I have just discovered your blog through Naptime Diaries – I absolutely love your crisp, clean layout, and your beautiful photos!
    My name is Hannah, I live in the UK and while I don’t really have a favourite goal for this year, two of the things I hope to do more are:
    1) Print my photos in book form, as I am hopeless at doing anything with the 1000’s of images I take, other than blogging them!
    2) Make my oldest friend a quilt for her first baby – she has just immigrated to Brazil so is now a long way from home, and appreciates parcels in the post.
    I love reading blogs of other Christian women, who write honestly about life & share the things they love – from the little look I have had at your blog so far – it looks like you already do this wonderfully : )


    • Hannah, what a pleasure to meet you! Do you have a blog that I could follow? I’d love to see some of your photography and hear stories from your end of the globe. Quilting sounds so lovely.


      • Erin, I do indeed have a blog (I put it on the ‘website’ part of your comments form, but it may not have worked..), it’s:
        Thanks for wanting to pop by & see my space! I look forward to hearing about your letterpress company soon : )


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