This new start

There is always something that makes me really excited about New Years Eve.  Like, really really excited.  My chest squeezes up like it’s going to burst from all of the excitement.  Those last seconds of the year are so sentimental, like I have to remember everything that happened for the last 365 days before the clock says midnight.  And maybe somehow time will freeze, and I’ll be able to hold on to all of the the past year, and nothing will be able to slip out of my fingertips.  No memories will be lost.  Nothing will change if I don’t want it to. If it’s still 2011 then it’s the same year that I lived in Texas and Adam graduated and Gideon was born and all of those things are still close because they JUST happened.  Then midnight comes, and it’s a new year.

I like the fresh start, too, in a different way.  I like writing down what I hope this year will bring.  The planning of goals, dreams, and lifestyle changes that I plan on implementing.  I’m still processing all of that, but I want to share it with you.  Things are going to be a little different on the blog this year.  Adam and I are venturing out into a lot of unknown territories.  We’re starting a Letterpress business.  I’ll tell you all about that soon.  I think it will be a big journey with a lot of blessings and probably a lot of hard things.  I still want to do photography.  This year it might be more like sweet daily, personal, raw photography than glamorized photo shoots.  I am ok with that too, and that doesn’t mean there  won’t be any of those.  So many exciting changes around here!

Thinking about all of this reminds me that it’s ok to take things slow and make memories.  It’s ok to be excited and plan for new and big things.  The Lord guides my footsteps, and it’s ok if all that I have planned changes along the way.  We’ll see what this year brings!

Back to New Years Eve… ours was smashing!  Enjoy our mustaches on sticks…

And there’s plenty more where all that came from.  Love!




2 thoughts on “This new start

    • Bec! I’m working on those… :D It’s a New Years Resolution to actually finish editing the pictures I take. PS. Best night ever!


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