New Years Eve is this Saturday.

THIS Saturday, folks!  Luckily (thankfully, blessedly, gladly), I’ve already started planning the partay.  What happened was this: all of the involved party got together to decide 2 things.  1. Ideal night (Dreaming big)  2. Non-negotiables (i.e. what we MUST do and what we MUST NOT do).

A few of the musts?  Dinner out.  Games and dessert in.

Must nots?  Be out after 10pm.  Drive anywhere to see any fireworks.  Maybe these must nots sounds pretty boring to you, but we’re all kind of homebodies anyway.

We still have to plan the specifics, but I’m really excited.  This is my ideal but attainable NYE schedule-

AM- sleep late, wake up and journal/pray/plan exciting things for 2012, drink coffee in my pajamas

Early afternoon- Princeton for a big Trader Joes/Whole Foods trip with my whole family

Late afternoon- Get ready *See below*

Dinner- Somewhere awesome and delicious and gluten free

Dessert and Drinks

9:30- games, movies, decorations, sparklers, snacks

Midnight 2012- sparkling beverages, hugs, and dancing

What plans do you have that I could borrow?  :D


Happy New Years Eve party planning!

cat eyes, my eyes, NYE


hair like this

images compliments of uncharted style

mustaches on a stick

image compliments of Pinterest

this color

can these be bracelets?

Image compliments of Simple Life

gold and silver cake balls

Image from Cake Central


Image compliments of  Cutcaster


And truth be told?  I’m kind of a book in bed alone on New Years kind of gal.



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