Season of now

What a week!  After moving (twice) due to unforeseen circumstances, still jobless but hopeful (13 resumes and counting!), and several tummy aches later, we are now sweetly moved in with our dear friends Megan and Andrew.  I can’t even begin to describe the blessing that they are, but I hope this helps you imagine it-

They have a Christmas tree, this advent calendar, and twinkle lights.

We have weekly family dinners.

Piper the puppy.

Our own twin bed to share.  That sounds awful to most of you, but Adam is in cuddle husband heaven.

Coffee in the french press, daily.

A wondrous backyard (unfortunate weather), but a little fire hut and twinkle lights there, too.

Internet- which means I can blog blog blog blog blog.

A home to celebrate this season.

How do I even thank them?  Just wait until I get all of my baking things out.  They won’t have to cook for weeks.  Piper the puppy just ate through his favorite teddy bear… and it looks like it cotton ball snowed here in the Stewart house.  Cheers to that!


Last year my friend Ellen deemed the season “Skinny healthy Christmas”.  I’m gonna go ahead and claim that (after I digest the chocolate yogurt and lemon cookies I just had for breakfast) this year, too.  My husband already did.  He eats healthy food and started jogging.  My tennis shoes are in storage…  So are my exercise clothes.  And my running jacket (I don’t run. I sort of trot walk skip walk).  But I’d really like to try while I have all of this free time.  It’ll be skinny in other ways, too.  Skinny budget, skinny social agenda, skinny amount of accessible belongings.  But so full in ways that matter.

Lord, let this Christmas be about the gospel.  About loving my husband, loving the Stewarts, loving people who need it.  Trusting in God’s provisions, rejoicing in the truth of who I am, giving what extra I have to give.

How do you ladies do that?  Live healthy, give extra, remember the gospel at Christmastime?

last Christmas, in our little apartment







2 thoughts on “Season of now

    • Sarah! I know :) I’ve known Jessi since I was in 6th grade (and reading her blog because everyone should!). Both Mondays we’ve been in town have been moving days. We’re gonna be dancing soon though.


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