Good Things

A few good things:

1. River is beside me, cuddled under a blanket, watching cartoons by the Christmas tree.

2. I held Gideon all day.  And he smiled a lot.  And he laughed!  And I love that laugh.

3. Brittany has a juicer, and raw milk that tastes like heavy cream (the best!), and 5 big bags of fruit.

4. My sister’s house has a fireplace that takes real wood.  We get to roast marshmallows on Saturday.

5. My husband is the best servant.  He helps cook dinner, cleans up the kitchen, bakes yummy things, folds laundry, cleans things up, babysits.  I mean, the BEST.  And he’s good looking, too.

6. I get to see my momma and papa tomorrow.

7. I get to celebrate my sister’s 30TH tomorrow, too.  A big, fun day filled with sweet things.

8. We’re having our family Christmas Eve this weekend.  This includes snack food, sugar cookie decorating, and the best spinach artichoke dip I’ve ever known.

9. Adam got me moccasins.

10. I have a new friend, Jessica.  Old friend really, but we’re getting reacquainted.  I think we’re soul mates.

11. The Lord has a plan for us, even when we still don’t know where we are going.




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