2 weeks

Hey blog,

Please do not give up on me!  I’m going to be here everyday again here shortly.  We have a lot of exciting things happening, and we do not have internet.  So what’s happening is this-

Adam is graduating!  He has officially turned in his thesis and only has a few more things to do around the lab to finish out his life as a grad student.  I am beyond proud.  He’s pretty incredible, actually.

my handsome love, who has his masters degree!

We are moving away from Texas in just 2 short weeks from today.  November 27th, officially.  Life these next two weeks will consist of friends, boxes, and late nights.  We really, really love these people here.  I can’t really think about leaving them, it hurts a lot.  I’ll probably do a whole post about missing Texas, specifics, what I love about it, who I love about it, why it will forever hold a piece of our heart.  It was our first home married, you know?

sweet brown haired friends

Graduation party this Friday.  Such an exciting thing to look forward to, such a hard thing to say goodbye.

Thanksgiving with our sweet Williamboos.

Lots of pictures to come.  Thanks for bearing with me!



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